Mandarin (Scrub Suit) – Maroon


Theatre Blues

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Dear dr,<br>

Thank you for your hard work all these time. This is special made for you, a stylish and comfortable work wear with a hidden pockets featured in both the right and left sides to carry your essential safely also provide an adjustable waist.<br>

You’re the best!! Fighting!!! <br><br>

Material: Woven Polyester<br>
Colour: Maroon<br><br>

Size chart:<br>

Ukuran baju:<br>

Lebar dada x Panjang baju x Panjang lengan (cm):<br>
XS : 48 x 60 x 19<br>

S : 51 x 62 x 20<br>

M : 54 x 64 x 21<br>

L : 57 x 66 x 22<br>

Ukuran Celana<br>

Lebar Pinggang x Lebar Paha x Panjang Celana (cm)<br>

XS : 32 x 32 x 92<br>

S : 35 x 34 x 94<br>

M : 38 x 36 x 97<br>

L : 41 x 38 x 100


Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm

XS, S, M, L